Who is your favourite artist?

Cellarscape responded on 10/08/2010

A nice easy one! ;o) I'll pretend that it was supposed to be plural... artists whose music I'm in awe of: I grew up with a ton of Queen and Run DMC. ELO rocked my youth a lot. I have a huge love for 'opposite ends of the scale': I've been to every Machine Head London gig since their first one in my city in 1994, and have also seen Tori Amos perform solo shows several times – both rule. Everything Devin Townsend does is inspiring and he's definitely who I listen to the most. Then bands likes Aereogramme (plus former members' new band The Unwinding Hours are incredible), I've been a long-term Biffy Clyro fanatic since their first record. If you've not checked out Anneke van Giersbergen, then you should, as her music is beautiful. Other female artists who amaze me include Imogen Heap, Gemma Hayes, and Ani DiFranco. Clint Mansell's film music is unbelievably good (his score for 'The Fountain' is probably is favourite soundtrack). Radiohead, Mike Patton, Chris Cornell, the list is endless!

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