What is your favourite book? Do you get any inspiration from reading?

Cellarscape responded on 10/27/2010

Absolutely. My favourite book of all time is 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski. I've read it more times than I can remember, and the most significant street in the story is what I named the heavy project I've been working on for many years: Ash Tree Lane. I'm finally getting the time to record some Ash Tree Lane songs right now which I'm very pleased about. 'House of Leaves' is unlike any other book I've ever read, and it took the author 10 years to complete it – which gives a hint at how intricate, multi-layered and amazing it is. Beyond the specifics of that road name, Danielewski's body of work as a whole is very inspiring, from moods to situations, to details – they are books that definitely kick-start the creative spark! I also adore Chuck Palahniuk's work and Ben Templesmith's comics. I wish I had more time to explore and discover many more authors, but overall, those are the three talented 'in-print' inspiring souls whose work I follow the most.

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