Who's your inspiration?

Cellarscape responded on 10/27/2010

That's almost impossible to answer: there are so so many amazing people that inspire me. But I think overall, the reason I've always wanted to just make the music that means something to me – be it alternative/acoustic Cellarscape stuff, my film soundtrack work, or heavy stuff – is Devin Townsend. I was a teenager when I discovered his first Strapping Young Lad album after seeing him being interviewed on this excellent metal show called Noisy Mothers, and I was just completely blown away by this guy's talent and attitude: he clearly LOVED music, and just wanted to make music, regardless of any particular mold or expectation – which is what his subsequent records have proved, all shifting tone/musicality to suit the particular project he wants to focus on at any given time. To anyone who loves to write music, and doesn't want to fit into a particular genre or path, I always reference Devin and tell that person to go and check out his work. He's one of kind, and an amazing talent.

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