Where did the name 'Celllarscape' come from? Does it mean anything?

Cellarscape responded on 10/28/2010

Fact: you're the first person to EVER ask me that! To differentiate between my film soundtrack work (as "Paul Terry") I wanted to come up with monikers for two projects that, for me, completed the triangle of music I wanted to make: soundtracks, acoustic-esque, and heavy. So, back in 2003, I decided to register band names for the latter two styles, and commit to them. My 'House of Leaves' fascination meant 'Ash Tree Lane' was a perfect banner for the darker, heavier songs I was writing. Then, I thought it would be more personal to make up a word: something that I felt summed up the vibe of the more acoustic/melodic songs. I liked the phonetics of the word 'cellar', and the sense of the unknown that evokes, then one day I thought of how we say 'landscape', and even a 'seascape'... but what would a 'cellarscape' be? A place of contradictions? Comforting, secret, safe, but maybe a bit sinister/dark? Perfect! It stuck. Plus, making up the word guaranteed no other band would pick it... :o)

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