We're all waiting for some live music, when are we going to be able to see you play? Johann Von S.

Cellarscape responded on 02/01/2011

Me too! ;o) Taking on board the LOST Encyclopedia co-writing project (with the wonderful Tara Bennett) in late summer 2009, meant that sadly, I knew there wouldn't be time to put together a band and rehearse the 'Animation, Suspension' record for some supporting dates – as the book then took up the following year of my life working on it full time. BUT, the island "was finished with me" (kinda) in Oct/Nov 2010 when the book was released, so a few months ago, myself, bassist Niki Jones & violinist Carole Carpenter have been meeting up between their other creative commitments to put together what I think is going to a really cool live vibe/set. Acoustic guit & vox (me), acoustic bass (Niki) & violin (Carole) will be playing live VERY soon... And fear ye not: the more rocking Cellarscape songs will NOT become quiet songs, just because we're in unplugged territory... We will still play the hell out of songs like 'You Got The Girl'. We can't wait, and are thrilled you're excited too! :)

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