How did you become involved in editing, is it a hard field to get into? And from there how did you make the leap into music?! Two amazing entreprises that are poles apart

Cellarscape responded on 02/09/2011

Great question! I'll have to travel back in time... to 1997. Although I studied English & Drama at Uni in Portsmouth, I quickly fell in love with working (for free, obviously) for the student magazine. My good friends Mike Cooter & Dave Nicholls taught me the basics of QuarkXpress & Photoshop so that I could not only contribute by writing music & film reviews, but also help craft the look of the mag. 3 years of that, and you pick up a lot of skill-sets almost accidentally. As one of the mag's editors (by this point) I knew I had a passion for it. That experience led to my first job 'proper' job as Editor of LEGO Adventures magazine (a blast to run!). If you fancy this career, publishers are always keen on work experience peeps, so go for it! :) The music bit is much simpler to answer: sheer obstinate defiant determination. I knew I always wanted to write music for many different projects, so just kept at it. If you have a passion for music, NEVER stop creating it: it's who you are. :)

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