Hi Paul. I know you've got a few gigs in April as Cellarscape in Bromley/Camden, but will you be going to other areas or doing any book signings of the Lost Encyclopedia? :-) (kiwiphroot on twitter).

Cellarscape responded on 02/28/2011

Hi Keilly! Hopefully there will also be some live dates late March, plus, some additional dates in April in May. The new record is out May/June too, so there'll definitely be some live dates in the summer. I'll be up in Lincoln doing a radio session at Siren FM on April 2, so may also do something else while I'm there. As far as Lost Encyclopedia signings go, I'd love to do some for sure! It all comes down to the publisher (DK) really: if you and your fellow UK Lost fan chums would like something like this to happen, drop the London DK office an email, and maybe we can get something arranged. I had an amazing time at last year's San Diego Comic Con signing promo mini-books for Lost fans, and so I know that I'd have an incredible time meeting UK islanders too. :)

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