Tell us about the new album!

Cellarscape responded on 12/02/2011

Apologies for the delay Martin: I wanted to get the new record out there so I could answer this properly for you. :) Your wording is apt actually... I've been terming 'A Theta/Delta Union' the 4th Cellarscape "record", as anything else gets corrected. :) I've heard, "Well, it's 5 songs, so it's an EP, right?" And then, "No. It's too long to be an EP, it's really like a mini-album." So, I've just kept it simple: it's the 4th record. ;o)
'A Theta/Delta Union' is another experiment I guess, this time taking the music into more of an ambient setting. This was really challenging, but very rewarding when things developed into new territories that felt right. I've always loved homemade samples, and this collection of songs has really tested me and pushed that further, as have the orchestrations. I owe the other talents (James Bellamy, Carole Carpenter, Niki Jones, Dave Draper) a lot for their musical magic, plus Paul Shubrook's artwork is incredible. Hope you enjoy the new songs & thank you!

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